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Easy Access to Off-Road Fun

Armed with two to four wheels and a good sense of direction, ride off into the sunrise from Arizona Oasis. Whether you’re in an ATV or Jeep, maneuvering a dirt bike, pedaling a mountain bike, or hoofing it on your own two feet, you’re bound to find an adventure in the Arizona desert.

Clubs and Rentals

Arizona Oasis Riders OHV Club. Enjoy the beauty of the desert from the back of anything with wheels. Join our very own community of sand-spurning, off-road Oasis Riders for monthly meet-ups and group rides.

Desert Rides. Choose simple or sophisticated wheels geared to your group at Desert Rides, right next door to Arizona Oasis. Day rentals are available Monday through Saturday.

Trails in the Sand

Sandbowl OHV Area. Access this sandy 2,000-acre dune system directly from Arizona Oasis. The park is made for four-wheeled playtime, and has something for everyone, whether you’re on a dirt bike or in a Jeep. Bump along hard-packed dusty trails or try riding on cascading dunes, perfecting your tricks and turns as you play in an adult sandbox.

Local Rides. If bumping across hollowed-out washes and careening down mountain passes, crossing over dunes and stopping on a dime to spot wild horses sounds like the adventure you crave, check out these local ATV trail maps and go beyond where the road leads.

All through Arizona. Fan out across the desert and explore some of these trails throughout Arizona on a day trip from Ehrenberg.


Off-Roading Trails

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Weekend Warriors

Miles of trails right outside our gates. Skip the trailer and get right to the fun.

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Therapeutic Natural Mineral Pools

It's not a vacation without pool time.

From kayaks to stand up paddleboards (SUPs), being active was never this easy.

Access the outdoor entertainment and activities in the greater Blythe and Ehrenberg areas.