Discovery Stay

Whether you are visiting the desert for a weekend, a month or the whole snowbird season, you’ll find it’s easy to get involved with the community at Sky Valley Resorts. Between athletic clubs and social meals, community worship and artistic workshops, chatty soaks in the pools and hot tubs, it won’t take you long to meet your new friends and find your home. So pull on up, check in, and explore our top ten ways to make the most of your stay.

Have a coffee. Looking for a place to relax and get the lay of the land? Check out the weekly coffee and donut meet-and-greets at Sky Valley and Caliente Springs, where you can grab some breakfast and find out about everything that’s happening this week at the resorts. Meet the leaders of the activity clubs and find out how to get involved!

Soak your troubles away. You came to the warm, dry desert to beat the wind chill factor in your sub-zero neighborhood, but the warmth in Sky Valley isn’t just the air. Take a dip in our natural hot water mineral pools to see what it’s all about. Experience the healing benefits of our 104-degree soaking pools, where you can find relief for sore muscles and arthritis, as well as conversationalists from all over the world in the form of fellow guests.

Connect with your neighbors. Whether you are staying in a mobile home or an RV, you’ll find the peaceful space outside your home an inviting place to relax. You’ll probably find those in the spaces next to you doing the same thing. So make sure to say hi, have a barbeque together and keep in touch.

Make a splash with waterball. Put on your swimsuit and jump in the pool for a mix between water polo and volleyball. It’s a game so addicting you can’t help but laugh, get some exercise, and make some new friends. Both parks have a thriving daily program, so head to the pool and join in! 

Come to a worship service. The Christian chapel program holds Sunday services at Caliente Springs and Sky Valley West. Join in on a Sunday morning, talk to a chaplain during the week, or come to one of the weekly Bible studies, choir practices or events to find your spiritual community.

Become a pickleball champion. If you are a fan of tennis, ping-pong or racquetball, why not try a sport that combines all three into one easy to learn, competitive way to play? Join the pickleball enthusiasts of Sky Valley Resorts to meet like-minded athletes and have some fun in the sun.

Take two wheels. If you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a kid, now is a great time to get back up on two wheels. The mostly flat, paved surfaces of the resort roads make for easy riding, without much auto traffic. It’s the perfect place to get back in the habit before hitting the hills of Dillon Road or participating in the Tour de Palm Springs bicycle marathon.

Get crafty. The monthly Saturday craft fair is a great opportunity to shop for hand-crafted items, or get ideas from your own. Chat with vendors, who appear at craft fairs all around the desert, and stock up on incredible, custom-made objects to make your new home more comfy.

Join the club. Why not try them all? From bingo to books, knitting to karaoke, horseshoes to painting, there is a club in Sky Valley Resorts to suit your interests and get you connected with other like-minded folks. Visit the activities coordinator at the front office to see a list of clubs and contact the club leader for details.

Share your experiences. There are so many ways to get involved in Sky Valley Resorts and share your knowledge and skills. Join the Gideons, volunteer at the local Boys and Girls Club, or share your ministry or charity at the chapel. Contact your chaplain to find out how to share your skill, story or outreach.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve arrived. Now it’s time to get moving. Enjoy your stay!