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The Colorado River finds its source in the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and drifts across seven US states and two Mexican ones before flowing out into the Gulf of California. On its way, it rushes through the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead, generates hydroelectric energy at the Hoover Dam, and provides water for millions in desert cities across the Southwest. Along the California-Arizona border, the Lower Colorado flows between deserts and through Indian reservations before finally reaching the shores of Ehrenberg, by which time the exuberant flow has widened, creating a gentle, easy pace.

And it’s at this calm section of the Lower Colorado that you’ll find a secret hideaway, not yet overcome by tourists. Arizona Oasis is an RV resort with relaxed beaches, shallow coves, and just the right balance of resort-style amenities and nature access. Find your style of experiencing the river right here.


It’s a truth broadly acknowledged that floating down the river is one of nature’s most serene experiences. Rent a single- or double-occupant tube from our on-site equipment rental and organize a magical afternoon float. Travel 15 minutes north to a drop-off point at Mayflower County Park or Jungle Beach and simply get on your tube. Then, take the nearly three-hour float down the river back to the resort, chatting with friends or sipping on your favorite water bottle cocktail. Get friendly with other visitors at the resort, and swap rides over the weekend, so each family can float together.

Fitness buffs looking for a more active float can rent a kayak or paddleboard and battle the water instead. Steer your way up the river, against the current, as far as you can before relaxing. The water will eventually pull you back to the resort, giving you a great workout and a relaxing float to top it off. Check out the resort’s equipment rental page for more details on rates and available equipment.


Bring your own jet ski, pontoon or river boat to our boat launch and make a splash. Whether you’re zipping through the water or simply floating over a lazy lunch, a summer day on the back of a boat always makes the world look brighter. Follow the river’s gentle current, to Yuma by boat and chuckle at all the tourists who haven’t discovered your hidden Oasis yet.

Of course, once you’re on a boat, you can always jump off: swim and splash in the river to cool down after a sweaty day of the desert’s summer heat. Don’t stray too far from the boat though—the river, up to 600 feet across in some places, still has a strong current!


Fishing fans will find the river’s variety of dinner options enticing: trout, bass, catfish and walleye are all represented along the Lower Colorado. Ask our resort staff for nearby hidden inlets where the calm water attracts plenty of bites. Drop your anchor and your line, and enjoy a peaceful day waiting for a bite. No boat? No problem! Fish from the shores of Arizona Oasis at Catfish Cay. Bring a chair and a picnic, and get ready for the fish to bite. Once you make a catch, use your lot’s grill to cook your own fresh dinner.


Even without big water toys, you can still enjoy the river. Plant your towels, coolers and beach gear on one of our sandy, riverfront beaches and play in the shallows at our Kid's Cove. Water is only a few feet deep, so it’s a safe space for little ones, and perfect for setting up the Oasis water volleyball net with a team of friends. At the far end of the beach, take the Riverside Slip-and-Slide from the hilltop and plunge into the river with a splash! From sun-drenched to river-soaked, the Arizona Oasis beachfront is a great family playground.

Super Soaker Weekend!

Pack your Super Soaker and squirt guns and be ready to defend your campsite at our Super Soaker event on Memorial Day weekend!

Upcoming Super Soaker events:

  • Father’s Day weekend
  • The 4th of July 
  • August 12th
  • Labor Day weekend