Discovery Stay

From ancient villas to palatial dwellings, a courtyard or atrium has always been a desirable feature in residential architecture. Historically, societies from warm climates, like the Meso-Americans and the ancient Romans, used courtyards as a the family gathering place, where a central fire burned open to the sky. For this reason, courtyards have always been a natural gathering place, ideal for cooking and sleeping. Today, architects and homeowners still use courtyards to expand a home’s living area while maintaining privacy. Take a trip to Malibu’s Getty Villa to get a feel for the ancient Romans’ stylish courtyard living spaces, where trees and statuary play as much of a role in home decor as walls and furnishings. Even today, we can tell that courtyards have never been out of style.

At Sky Valley Resorts, we’re bringing the same classical architecture concept to our manufactured mobile homes. Homeowners seeking to downsize or invest in an affordable vacation home have more options than ever at our resorts, with the introduction of our new Courtyard Series. Each master-planned courtyard home design includes a choice of basic park models with a concrete pad, open lattice structure, landscape and fencing. With large windows and just a few steps between you and the outdoors, the courtyard easily becomes a kitchen table or family room. Or, for residents with a green thumb, it can become a garden or greenhouse.

With the warm fall season, mild winters and festive springtime, in Palm Springs, our resorts are ideal for enjoying with indoor-outdoor living. Easy access to sunshine and fresh air leads to increased activity and more energy, and helps you stay connected to others. Families with adult children, or siblings with their own families, find adjacent courtyard model lots perfect for balancing privacy with connection. With adjoining lots as a vacation destination, family members can stay together without sacrificing precious peace and quiet, as some of our residents have already discovered with the purchase and integration of neighboring courtyard homes.

However, in distinct opposition to Roman times, a courtyard villa is not an option reserved for the noble classes. For many families, a second home at Sky Valley is well within reach. Our courtyard series starts at $48,999, a price well below the oversized homes available elsewhere in the Coachella Valley. The tiny-home interior, coupled with the added outdoor space, creates a low-maintenance vacation villa that is both economical and unique.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Sky Valley on a Discovery Stay weekend and explore the option of a courtyard home.  You may discover, like so many others, that the outdoors is your favorite room “in” the house!