Discovery Stay

Whether it’s through an Eat, Pray, Love- style spiritual journey or by acting out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, many people are looking for ways to declutter their lives. And if you’re a recent retiree, part of that journey towards simplicity and balance might be a smaller home. Perhaps you spent a lifetime collecting furnishings, artwork and stylistic flair in your house, but the power of letting it all go simply brings the important memories into sharper focus.

Younger millennials, whose jobs and lifestyles often keep them on the road yet well connected in virtual space, have embraced the simplicity of being a possessionless nomad particularly well. And, thanks to the staggeringly high price of home ownership and rent in major cities, many have begun to adopt a trend that their older friends and parents pioneered: tiny homes.

Typical tiny homes, many custom-built, are between 200 and 400 square feet, and make radical use of minimal space for those who want to live a lifestyle light on possessions and heavy on travel, friendship and nature. With their highly efficient use of horizontal as well as vertical space, life suddenly becomes a manageable size, resulting in reduced maintenance costs, an affordable sticker price and automatically green lifestyle choices

Forty years ago, when Sky Valley Resorts opened to RV-ers and mobile home buyers, tiny home living was in its infancy. Early adopters soon realized that when your roof is small, the open sky becomes your home as well—it just takes a new frame of mind. Surrounded by sweeping views of the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto mountains, a variety of desert wildlife just beyond the gates, and the warm breezes of 75-degree winter days, indoor-outdoor living is easy to embrace.

Dinner parties take place around a patio table on the porch instead of in a formal dining room; a bike ride around the park or a game of tennis is a more enjoyable way to spend the afternoon than at the gym or on the exercise bike; and, of course, the healing waters of the natural hot springs are better than a bubble bath any day. Less stress and more living is what the tiny home revolution is all about.

At Sky Valley and Caliente Springs, we offer 400- to 800-square-foot manufactured homes and RV spaces for exactly the same kind of stress-free, low-maintenance lifestyle afforded by a tiny home. With so many layouts and styles to choose from, park models and larger manufactured homes are more customized than ever, creating just the right space for everyone. Small and tiny homes, placed on generous-sized lots at Sky Valley Resorts, allow you to embrace an active, social lifestyle outside your home, in a community of like-minded, small-home dwellers!

With just enough room for a comfortable life inside and an active community outside, it’s easy to shed those extra hundreds of square feet when you make your new home at Sky Valley Resorts. Just click here to browse our available homes, or stop by the sales office for a tour of the newest models.