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Here Come the Champions: Pickleball National Championships Arrive in Indian Wells

For the past decade, participation in pickleball has expanded rapidly among Sky Valley residents and throughout the desert, but in November, the craze will reach all new heights in the Coachella Valley when the Indian Wells Tennis Garden hosts Pickleball National Championships. The event’s previous host in Arizona could only accommodate 350 players; in contrast, this year at least 2,500 players are expected to compete in the event, according to its sponsoring organizations, the USA Pickleball Association and Margaritaville. Player registration began in mid-July.

At Play in the Tennis Gardens

For nine days, the championships will showcase players of all ages and skill levels in singles, doubles, mixed doubles and professional divisions. Live music and other on-site activities will round out the fun; admission to all games except on the Championship Court is free.

If you’re familiar with pickleball, you’re probably wondering how a tennis garden can transform itself into a pickleball-friendly venue. The smaller court and shorter net required for pickleball means that the tennis garden will create 44 pickleball match courts out of its current 28 tennis courts, specifically for tournament play. Those courts will be surrounded by stadium seating for up to 24,000 fans.

Pickleball in Paradise

Pickleball players visiting the Coachella Valley are welcome at Sky Valley Resort, located just 10 miles from Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Our returning residents and visitors will notice this season’s expansion to eight pickleball courts, which gives players more time on the court than ever before.

Besides providing excellent RV spaces and pet-friendly vacation homes, our resorts include exercise rooms, walking trails, and an on-site restaurant. It’s the perfect instant community for anyone who wants to connect with a fun-loving pickleball crowd that is both part of and beyond the tournament.

“We just loved pickleball, the spas, the people—everything,” says resident pickleball expert Janel Trowbridge of her first visit to Sky Valley with her husband. Five years later, the summer RV-er makes her winter home and pickleball practice headquarters among her many friends at Sky Valley. “You get embedded in the community.”

After a long day of practice, you can follow the community of players to the fourteen natural hot spring spas at the resort. The relaxing, mineral-rich waters are the perfect complement to competitive play.


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