Discovery Stay

December is upon us, and with it many of our snowbirds and seasonal residents are back in the desert. We’ve been making a number of upgrades over the summer and autumn, and are excited to share the latest completion details with our community. Some projects are still in progress, but if you haven’t discovered the upgrades yet, here’s what is waiting for you at our resorts.

Sky Valley West, Oasis 1-2-3. Much of the Clubhouse has undergone a remodel. “We’re calling it Oasis 1-2-3,” explained Activities Director Erin Rosillo earlier this fall. That’s because the clubhouse’s three rooms will be the hub of West Park activities, both social and public. The original Oasis Room is just adding the final touches with new furniture and cosy corners for small groups. “It will be a warm and comfortable place for residents to watch programming on the big screen TV,” says Erin. It will also accommodate small groups waiting for take-away food from next-door All Star Burgers, or just friends hanging out.

Next to it is the Paraiso Room, where groups can play games, have birthday parties, take meetings and train employees. “It is a diverse room that will transfer easily from one activity to another,” says Erin, because the card tables will always be set up and ready. This room can be subdivided into spaces for two activities, or used for up to 40 people.  Between Paraiso and Oasis, sliding barn doors make it easy to combine all of these spaces for larger events in the resort.

Finally, the third room of the Oasis trilogy will be the Game Room, where residents can find games, puzzles, a pool table, and space for group activities.

Caliente Springs, Golf Course. Since last season, the golf course and pro shop have undergone some big changes. The new pro shop offers retail supplies for golf, tennis and bocce ball, a new activity that replaces the previous horseshoe pits. The golf course itself opened the first week of November, with a brand new course of play, holes 8 and 9 became holes 1 and 2 “You now start from and end at the holes closest to the pro shop,” Erin says. “There has been work on the course with old benches and fences being removed and repaired as well as enhancements to the cart path and directional signage.” It should add more flow and consistency to the course. The resort will host its first tournament on December 7th. You can find more information on the flyer in the pro shop.

Sky Valley East, Sunset Room. “The Sunset Room is now a fully functioning fitness room that had its soft opening on November 20th. The fitness room has a new rubber floor with 10 strength and functional fitness stations designed for long term longevity training for all of Sky Valley's residents,” says Erin.

Sky Valley, Wild West Wash. The much-anticipated Wild West Wash, between Sky Valley West and Sky Valley East, is also a transformation in progress, albeit an already good-looking one. Maintenance Manager Bob Daniel fills us in: “Last season, we put a bunch of palms into the wash. One of the areas has a lake that we’ll keep full during the season. Some of the owners did a lot of grading of the area last season, and now we’ve got walking paths ready for use.” Although plans haven’t been finalized for the additional plants, irrigation, and possible fitness activities yet, the wash is free and open for walking on its set paths. But this is a footpath-only environment: no carts or vehicles allowed!

Sky Valley, Trash. While it might not be the most beautiful improvement, by far the most practical is the new compactor at Sky Valley’s trash station. Now, trash will rotate between two new compactors, keeping continuity any time there is overflow trash or a compacting jam. The new compactors were installed over the summer and are already in working order. “It’s gonna make for a much more pleasant environment for everyone that lives here,” Bob says.

Sky Valley, Pickleball Courts. After many seasons of activity, pickleball’s popularity has outgrown the four-court play area. On November 9th, a new eight-court area opened with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony. “Players immediately jumped on the courts for a few hours of play after the ceremony,” Erin said of the event. Later, employees stepped up to the net for an employee tournament to break in the courts.