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Manufactured Homes are Changing the Way People Retire

It’s getting to be about time to retire, and you’ve always had the dream of owning a second home to spend the rest of your days in. Unfortunately, you might find that you didn’t save enough to make that dream a reality. It’s sad, but one in six senior citizens currently live in poverty. They can’t pay rent, they can’t find enough food, and they can’t afford the medicine that they so desperately need. Fortunately, whether you’re buying your first or your second home, parks with manufactured homes in Palm Springs build great communities and are affordable for seniors on any budget.

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A New Place to Call Home

When you’re buying a new home, you could expect to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. For most seniors, that’s completely out of the question. Manufactured homes are created so you can enjoy your own second home for as little as $20,000. That’s less money than the price of a new car, paying for an entire house. They may not be mansions with thousands of square feet, but getting a liveable space for around that price is a steal.Manufactured homes get to be upwards of $60,000 dollars at the high end if you’re looking for something a little bit more luxury. Whatever your price range is for a retirement home, a manufactured home in a developed community gives you the house you want with the lifestyle that matches the future that you want to have.

Healthy and Affordable

As you get older, you want to be part of a community that’s as active as you are. That’s why there are plenty of planned activitiesand things to do outside near manufactured home developments in Palm Springs. From playing card games with your friends, to taking a dip in the spa, to a picnic at the park, the last thing that you’re going to be is bored. In Palm Springs, you can explore beautiful landmarks like the Joshua Tree National Park, Painted Gorge Hike, Palm Springs Air Museum, and many more. If you’re religious, many manufactured homes have a community chapel right inside of their development, so you won’t have to travel far outside to worship the way you want. You’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at golf, as many developments have courses built directly into them. Most importantly, you will build a sense of community and make friendships that will last a lifetime. These will be friends that you can take a dip in the pool with, play board games with, and explore with.

Seniors Deserve Manufactured HomesFull Moon

One in six seniors living in poverty is completely unacceptable, but manufactured home developers everywhere are making it easier for them to make ends meet. If you’re a senior that’s considering a second home (or a first!) in the Palm Springs area, you might be closer to success than you think. Give a development a call. You’ll be happy that you’re making steps toward making your retirement as wonderful and relaxing as possible.