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Yes, we know what you’re thinking: if you have been decluttering and downsizing until you’re just down to the bare essentials in your efficient tiny kitchen, what’s with a piece about bulk meals? As we’ve previously suggested in this series, tiny home living is not only about minimalism; it’s also about eliminating wasteful consumerism by building community. Just like a good old-fashioned cookie-swap, making a large quantity of one weekly meal and dividing it into five dishes to mix and match with your neighbors is a great way to try new flavors, expand your palette and learn to share.

Here’s How

Create a Cooking Team. Compile a group of friends and neighbors. These should be cooks whose food you like, but perhaps have different styles. If you enjoy cooking together, why not invite another fellow cook into your kitchen to create your major meals together? Alternately, you may choose to meet the other cooks when your meals are complete.

Plan a Grocery List. In the group, decide on what meal each participant will prepare, ensuring that you don’t duplicate meals. Then, you’ll shop for ingredients for the one meal you plan to prepare. Remember to increase the size of the recipe by at least the number of group participants. If you plan to make a casserole or oven-baked dish, perhaps ask your co-cooks to provide a dish that you can return to them.

Prep your Meal. Make an afternoon of it. Prepare to cube, chop, stir and simmer to a great playlist or over an inspiring conversation. It doesn’t do to be in a hurry. So tie on an apron and prepare to get comfy in your tiny kitchen. If you’ve borrowed pans or serving dishes from your co-cooks, it will be easy to get the quantities right for sharing; if not, you may have to get a little creative in your presentation.

Meet your Mates. After the meals have been prepared and packaged, meet at someone’s home for a pre-arranged feast. Ideally, this will be a party that moves week to week, and it can be centered around eating one of the meals that has been prepared. If a meal for five or more is too big for your dining area, just share a bottle of wine and swap food prep stories in the afternoon. Before parting ways, everyone should take over one dish or portion of all the meals prepared.

Save and Store. Make sure you have freezer space to store some of the meals. After all, you don’t want to leave a refrigerated casserole from Monday until Saturday night! Make sure saran wrap, tin foil, or zip-lock bags are part of your bulk prep plan so you’re certain to get a fresh meal whenever you’re ready for it!


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