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Built on family values and hard work, Sky Valley Resorts continue to provide the best resort living and vacation experiences around.



Built from hard work and dedication, Sky Valley Resorts brings you the best in affordable resort living. The difference is not only tangible, but all around with the community we build and the lifestyle we thrive on.


During the 1950’s, Sky Valley Resorts was nothing more than 160 acres of open land with sprouting vegetation. This was a time when the Manthei family was looking for a warm place to escape the cold Midwest winters.

Much like a miner in search of gold, Tim Manthei’s father packed his bags and headed off to Southern California in search of the infamous natural hot water springs he kept hearing about. As the entrepreneur saw potential in the decadent natural hot water springs, an idea sparked and he decided to purchase some land. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the bubbling underground cauldrons of Palm Springs would have become what it is today.

After Tim Manthei graduated in 1970, he packed up his life and headed down to Desert Hot Springs to start the process of building an RV park. After a few months of hard work and dedication, Sky Valley Resort was officially open for business. Located in a desirable area right off the beaten track, the grand opening of the resort wasn’t exactly ‘grand’ however that all changed once the hot springs were tapped.

Word quickly spread of the hot springs and their magical healing and therapeutic qualities and it wasn’t long before Sky Valley Resort went from a regular RV park to a high demanded vacation destination. Over thirty years later, there are now two Manthei-owned hot spring resorts in Sky Valley with immaculately-kept space for over 1,400 RVs. The resorts also boast 270 spacious vacation style homes available for rent or for purchase.


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Our Commitment to Community and Sustainability

Sky Valley Makes A Difference

At Sky Valley, we are taking efforts to make our RV park an environmentally friendly place through the Plan-It Green Friendly Park Program.

What is the Plan-It Green Friendly Park Program?

This program is designed to recognize parks in the United States that have made contributions and changes to make their park more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The Plan-It Green Friendly Park Program is carried out by the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC). This is an association that exclusively focuses on the sustainability and impact control of RV parks and campground across the entire country. With recognition and membership through the ARVC, we will be able to provide you with the amenities of a luxury resort, without the harsh impacts to the earth.

How Sky Valley Has Contributed

We are proud to share that our resort has taken strides to become recognized by the ARVC. We are making our RV park in our resort a more environmentally conscious place with the addition of the following methods:

  • The installation of solar panels

  • Providing a recycle bin for cardboard, paper, glass and plastic

  • Using landscaping materials that minimize water usage

  • Using programmable thermostats and sprinkler systems to control energy and water usage

  • Actively demonstrates conservation and recycling practices to our residents and guests

We are excited to further our recognition to the ARVC with the implementation of more environment-friendly techniques! If you have any questions or general inquiries about our conservation methods, do not hesitate to give us a call! We are excited to make a difference in our resort and the lives of our guests.


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A nice facility, with plenty to do. Sites are spacious. All sites are gravel, but have a concrete patio. The mineral water pool and hot tubs are a huge positive. All are between 90 and 104 degrees.

- ta96silver